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Silver earrings

925 silver

Diameter 11 mm.

Height with hook 35 mm.

Designer and manufacturer silversmith Lotta Kukkola.

Jewelry height about 1.5 cm (hook is not lowered)
Hanging earrings with a hook
You can also choose shiny, hammered or diamond cut as the surface option. Possibility to plant stones or engrave text on the pendant. Can also be made in yellow or white gold.
Available in the same set of two different sizes of pendant, ring and stud earrings.

Eternal guarantee.

Silver jewelry

Silver is a delicate and classic precious metal.

Silver is the most popular material in jewelry.

The alloy of our silver jewelry is 925, which is the most common alloy of silver. The alloy is also called Sterling Silver.

All Silver-Creek silver jewelry is nickel-free.

The stones are synthetic zircons. Synthetic zirconia is a hard material that lasts beautiful and shiny in use.

Genuine silver darkens over time, but can be cleaned with a silver cleaner.

Silver jewelry can be rhodinated, ie coated with a thin layer of rhodium. The rhodium coating gives the jewelry a bright, high-gloss surface and prevents the jewelry from darkening.

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