Simplistic beautiful jewelry steel ring earrings fit any style.

14,00 €
Including VAT. 24.00 %

Beautifully shimmering jewelry steel earrings with a black diamond-polished surface with a bright small stone implanted with an abrasion technique. The tire has a diameter of 14 mm and a width of 3 mm. Convenient hinge lock on the earrings.


allergy-free jewelry steel
The stone is synthetically made of zirconia
non-darkening material
nickel-free material according to EU legislation
Jewelry has a perpetual warranty.

Jewelery steel jewelry

The material of the jewelry steel is allergy-free and non-darkening. Jewelry steel is suitable for all allergy sufferers.

Jewelry steel is also well suited as first earrings.

The material of the jewelry steel is hard and durable. It stays beautiful and does not require special care. Dishwashing liquid and a toothbrush can be used for cleaning.

Jewelry steel jewelry is very resistant to moisture as well as chemicals. So you can also keep jewelry steel jewelry without worries in sports and in the shower, the jewelry does not suffer from it.

The stone is synthetic zirconia. It is a hard material that lasts beautiful and shiny in use.

Our alloy steel alloy is 316 L, this alloy can also be called surgical steel.

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