Beautiful silver-plated earrings with a hook. Length without hook 55 mm.

25,00 €
Including VAT. 24.00 %

Silver-plated, silver-colored earrings with a hook. The jewelry has three thin snake chains with oval-shaped beads at the end. Jewelry box favorite!

Length without hook 55 mm.

Complete the ensemble with a bracelet and necklace included in the set.


silver plated
nickel-free material according to EU legislation
The jewelry has a one-year warranty.

Silver plated jewelry

Silver plated jewelry is a cheaper option than full silver. With silver-plated jewelry, you can get an impressive addition to your jewelry selection.

The silver-plated jewelry stays beautiful for a long time and delights its owner when it is remembered to care for it properly. The silver-plated surface should be protected from all chemicals and moisture. It is therefore not advisable to go to the shower or sauna or for a jog with the silver-plated jewelry. Also avoid spraying perfume and hairspray on jewelry. If the pH of your skin is strong, we do not recommend silver-plated jewelry due to the darkening of the jewelry.

There is brass under the silver-plated jewelry coating. The stones used in silver-plated jewelry are synthetic zircons. Synthetic zirconia is a hard material that lasts beautiful and shiny in use.

Silver-Puro's silver-plated jewelry is nickel-free according to EU legislation. We ensure nickel-free with our own nickel tests.


Store the jewelry in an airtight bag, in your own bag, or in the box that came with the jewelry when not in use. This way it is not scratched or darkened by oxygen.
Avoid showering, saunaing, sweating and spraying chemicals on the jewelry.
Clean regularly with silver cleaner.

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