A pair of earrings that is at once surprisingly sensitive and strong, like anyone’s mind.

19,00 €
Including VAT. 24.00 %

The Pure collection includes silver-plated, heart-shaped Mieli earrings.
The small angularity brings a comfortable edge to the jewelry. Cardiac
diameter 9 mm, height 9 mm. Fine silver luster.

The earrings have a button lock.

The jewelery in the Pure collection is designed in Finland.

Alternatively, you can also find dangling earrings in Mieli-Earrings.


silver plated
The stone is synthetically made of zirconia
nickel-free material according to EU legislation
The jewelry has a one-year warranty.

The heart-shaped, slightly angular Mieli jewelery is inspired by the South Ostrobothnia fitting belt. The fitting belt consists of dozens of buckles threaded into a leather belt called shoulder blades. Heart-shaped fittings hanging from the blades have given the fitting belt its distinctive look. South Ostrobothnians are often described as strong-headed and stubborn. Mieli earrings combine a delicate heart with strong South Ostrobothnian symbolism and form a unique and interesting piece of jewelry. Mieli earrings are available in both button and dangling versions.

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