Impressive and affordable earrings with beautifully sparkling pebbles in silver tones in the middle.

12,00 €
Including VAT. 24.00 %

Jewelry steel earrings with beautifully sparkling synthetic pebbles in the middle. The diameter of the jewelry is 12 mm. The earrings have a convenient button lock.

The surface of the jewelry is vividly jagged, beautifully glittering.

These eye-catching jewelry captures the gaze and crowns the outfit like I am. Thanks to the wide range of colors, you can easily combine Seireeni jewelry with your wardrobe favorites. All Siren jewelry can be found here.


allergy-free jewelry steel
non-darkening material
jewelry decorative stones are synthetic resin
nickel-free material according to EU legislation

Siren jewelry has a one-year warranty.

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Jewelery steel jewelry

The material of the jewelry steel is allergy-free and non-darkening. Jewelry steel is suitable for all allergy sufferers.

The shades of rose gold and yellow gold are obtained by ionizing the steel and do not wear out in use.

Jewelry steel is also well suited as first earrings.

The material of the jewelry steel is hard, durable. It stays beautiful and does not require special care. Dishwashing liquid and a toothbrush can be used for cleaning.

In general, jewelry steel jewelry is very resistant to moisture as well as chemicals, but for Seireeni jewelry, we recommend removal before showering, sauna or swimming.

The stones are synthetic resin. The material is durable and stays beautiful.

Our alloy steel alloy is 316 L, this alloy can also be called surgical steel.

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