Delicate and slender earrings. Designed in Finland.

17,00 €
Including VAT. 24.00 %

The Pure collection includes silver-plated, flower-shaped earrings.
Flower width 12 mm and height 8 mm. Beautiful silver luster.

The earrings have a button lock.

The jewelery in the Pure collection is designed in Finland.


silver plated
The stone is synthetically made of zirconia
nickel-free material according to EU legislation
The jewelry has a one-year warranty.

The light can also be found in the middle of the most rugged and beautiful Finnish landscape in Finland. The beautiful simple design of the jewelry captures the eye and fascinates the mind.

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The jewelry collection Puhdas has been born over the years in Annika's thoughts as she travels around the world and moves in nature. Light, delicate delicate shapes have addressed her and changed from inspiring shapes to jewelery in the hands of jeweler Lotta Kukkola. The ideas were first sketched into pictures on paper. The shapes were drawn line by line and arc by arc, conforming to the tiny petals of real flowers.

Based on these sketches, Lotta began working on model pieces by hand in her own workshop. It was time to take the tools of a silversmith instead of a pen and finish the final shapes of the jewelry. When she finished all the model pieces and approved these for Annika, she made molds for the jewelry. The original designs and molds were sent on to production.

The jewelery collection has been awarded the Design from Finland label. The brand says that the product has been designed in Finland and that investment has been made in its design.

Silver plated jewelry

Silver plated jewelry is a cheaper option than full silver. With silver-plated jewelry, you can get a spectacular complement to your jewelry selection.

Silver-plated jewelry stays beautiful for a long time when you remember to take care of it properly. It is not advisable to take a shower, sweat or spray chemicals on it with silver-plated jewelry.

Silver-Puro's silver-plated jewelry is nickel-free. We test each new piece of jewelry for nickel reserves ourselves. A silver cleaner is suitable for cleaning. The jewelry should be serviced even before it starts to darken. Regularly maintained, the silver-plated jewelry remains beautiful.

Silver-plated jewelry should be stored in an airtight box or bag.

Under the plating of the Silver-Puro silver-plated jewelery is brass.

The stones are synthetic zircons. Synthetic zirconia is a hard material that lasts beautiful and shiny in use.

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