Classically stylish, silver earrings that bring charm to the style.

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Classically beautiful, silver pearl earrings fit every style. The earrings have a rhodium plating, which is also used to coat white gold. The diameter of the high-quality synthetic bead is 8 mm. Above the pearl is a small, clear stone planted with crown planting technique. The stone is synthetically made of zirconia.

You can find the Vanamo pendant suitable for Vanamo earrings here.

Silver jewelry

Silver is a delicate and classic precious metal. The alloy of our silver jewelry is 925 Sterling silver. The silver jewelry is then at least 92.5% silver and the remaining 7.5% consists of other alloying elements that improve the properties of the silver, increasing the durability of the jewelry. All silver jewelery from Hopea-Puro is nickel-free according to EU legislation.

The stones are synthetic zircons. Synthetic zirconia is a hard material that lasts beautiful and shiny in use. Even genuine silver may darken over time, but it can be cleaned with a silver cleaner.

Silver jewelry can be rhodinated, ie coated with a thin layer of rhodium. The rhodium coating gives the jewelry a bright, high-gloss surface and prevents the jewelry from darkening.

The earrings have a one-year warranty.

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